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Love for Stella!

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March 1, 2018

Stella Collection white handbag displayed outside a brick wall with a wood barn door.


For a change of direction this week, I wanted to showcase a beautiful bag that I am in completely in love with at my store: the “Stella”. Without a doubt, this design enhances the strength and elegance of a woman. It is a true piece of art that makes a statement with every entrance. Simply stated, the Stella’s sexy sophistication defines it as new standard in the architectural bag category.

I’m head over heels about the Stella’s well-proportioned and refined design with controlled curves that accent the teasing arch. To me, this arch provides a continuous source of inspiration to the woman privileged enough to carry it. Women feel empowered with confidence as it swings in rhythm with their body.  In a world full of conformity, Stella expresses your unique story and exclusive perspective of the world.

As a true piece of art, Stella’s innovative design is crafted by a special sewing machine that requires the expertise of an experienced artisan to achieve its high-quality detail. Stella’s design took years of incubation to arrive at this pinnacle of perfection.

The bag is in a category of its own. Come and feel as if the stars align as you cradle this beautiful extension of yourself.  The Stella has been calling out and awaiting its destiny to be in the spirited arms of a gentle, nurturing, yet bold and savvy individual.  Stella  is a hidden treasure in this hectic world. If you are seeking an innovative, elegant and beautiful gift, come explore the depths of this bag. It is perfect for all situations and exudes uncompromising confidence.


I’d love to talk to you more about the Stella. Message me for more details, pictures and colors.

Have a wonderful day!




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