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Luca's Boutique: How to find bag that reflects you.

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What accessory do you use the most? Is it a watch? How about your favorite necklace? Is it a bag? It's funny how an accessory can become part of us. We identify with it. It reflects us. Maybe you are a practical mother of 4 and need a bag you can sling over cross-body because you are busy with active children. Maybe you have a work bag that holds everything you need daily. Regardless of the product, it is always interesting what we latch onto. What we feel is our sidekick. Something we can depend on. It is even better if it brings a smile and curiosity to others.

There comes a time, as a consumer, where the quality of your product matters. You are tired of spending money only to have the product wear out. You remember that your grandpa has had his Stetson cowboy hat for half a century… and still wears it. You have taken a ride in a 1968 Mustang Convertible with leather seats, and you can just feel that it was built to last. Somehow we inherently know quality. We also instinctively know when something is made with craftsmen hands or with machines. It's not that machined products are bad, but they can be inhuman. Magically, handmade, craftsman- made goods always feel the part. It is like we are shaking hands with the maker when we hold it... when we wear it.

Each and every one of our bags is made by a craftsman. They are made to reflect you. To tell your story. You will connect with them. You will connect with the maker. We make beautiful Italian craftsman bags for you. Not for the masses. For you specifically. We know that if you stop down to our boutique you will find your bag, or it will find you. It is always a joy to watch this happen. We love playing matchmaker.

Recently we invited a new customer into our space for the first time and just filmed what happened. And now we invite you to watch this short clip and join her on her journey. Maybe it can be your journey too! After you watch the video we invite you to stop into the store and ask for Luca.

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