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We stock fine cashmere products made in Umbria, Italy. We are the only importer and wholesaler of the finest cashmere products in Italy from TI.PI Italiani in the US. We create all our products directly.

In the heart of Italy, the Umbria region is one of the most important clusters of the Italian textile industry. The medieval town of Perugia is famous for its knitwear segment with a long and interesting history. Entrepreneurs such as Luisa Spagnoli and fashion designer Umberto Ginocchietti have made the textile industry in Umbria and products with the label “Made in Umbria” famous worldwide for their design and quality.

Luisa Spagnoli was one of the first female Italian entrepreneurs. She founded her own company in 1928 and named the brand after herself. After four generations her stores are located worldwide. Luisa was the first designer to use yarn from Angora rabbits to manufacture knitwear. She bred domestic rabbits, famous for their long and soft wool, in the backyard of her own villa in Perugia. The yarn obtained from the rabbits was very fine and soft compared to yarn coming from abroad. This ensured that the products being manufactured were very elegant and with a fine texture.  This made the products very popular in fashion at the time.

Over the years, the company increased its competitiveness and market influence due to the foresight of the founder Luisa Spagnoli. She followed this up with the decentralization of the business operation by creating of a large number of autonomous, satellite and small craft businesses.

The entrepreneurship culture developed in the Umbria region by employing highly qualified and skilled workers in the manufacturing of knitwear.

Umberto Ginocchietti was a fashion designer and textile entrepreneur who built a successful business in the seventies. He collaborated with fashion houses such as Armani, Dior, and Yves St Laurent and he was a pioneer in the field of “Made in Italy” cashmere knitwear. In the late nineties, the Ginocchietti brand stopped its operations and disappeared from the world of fashion. Some years later, the company he had built was taken over and refurbished by Brunello Cucinelli, one of the most famous Italian entrepreneurs in the cashmere industry and founder of the brand named after himself. In 1978, Cucinelli had the idea of coloring cashmere, something quite unusual at that time and it fascinated the market.

Italy is a world leading cashmere garment manufacturer famous for its first-quality cashmere. Italian companies are the best in the world in processing this precious fiber in a complete production cycle that begins with the selection of the cashmere wool flock (the best are those with the longest fibers, usually coming from Mongolia) to the processing the yarn and finally cloth manufacturing.

Even though the flock may be from the same origin, the big difference in cashmere products made in Italy and cashmere products made in China is the spinning process.

Cashmere products made in Italy are manufactured by highly skilled workers that refine the yarn expertly for high quality and excellent cashmere products that are incredibly soft. This process ensures that the products are very soft, a quality that is lacking in other products manufactured elsewhere.

TI.PI Italiani is a small business established by a group of entrepreneurs who learned the culture of knitwear and cashmere over the years while working at Brunello Cucinelli.

TI.PI is a small, flexible and well-structured company with the ability to manufacture cashmere products in small quantities and fulfill personalized orders in less than three weeks. TI.PI’s main cashmere supplier is Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection, ranked as one of the best 34 companies in the world in the production of yarn.

Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection is located in the Marche region near the border of Umbria and within one of the most important Italian cashmere production clusters. The knitwear production process, from the production of the yarn to distribution of the finished products, benefits from the entire community of breed farmers, producers and distributors that live in close proximity thus representing added value.

Thanks to their collaboration with fashion designers such as Leetha and Ursula Conzen, TI.PI is able to offer high-quality and stylish, “Made in Umbria” cashmere products.

The partnership between TI.PI Italiani and Luca’s Boutique allows high-quality Italian cashmere to be known and appreciated overseas reflecting the history of its beautiful land of origin.

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