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Olive tree Peace

I grew up in Tuscany where the olive trees are many. I always loved to listen to their leaves's noise in the wind. Especially during the hot summer days when it is too hot to do anything. While I was sitting and listening I always thought about the ancient populations that before me lived on that soil that I was sitting on to. A sense of great peace always arose in me at this idea. I am not sure why. Probably because the olive trees are 800, 900, 1000, up to 2000 years old! And with all the BS that happened in the world, they are still there. They survived all the fights and wars and pains, and yet they stay as silent witnesses of the fact that at the end everything comes to a conclusion and that the fluctuations of the human souls are only a moment compared to Eternity. For this reason I want to put the olive tree of my house in front of my store. To witness to the world the fact that we are here to stay and to wish to everyone Peace beyond all the turmoils of the world and of the human soul. Have a great day!



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