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Positive Focused Energy Breeds Meaningful Beauty

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February 23, 2018


In my college days, I’d spend most of my time studying with friends. To get away from the daily routine, we’d rent out the public section of a monastery and sojourn a few days to seclude ourselves in a quiet setting. Each morning, before we’d study and eat, we’d pray as a group of friends. We built a fraternity around our friendship and commitment to our studies.

I particularly remember one year.  I had some spare time after finalizing my thesis, so I’d sit and watch the monks at this monastery. Their way of life fascinated me, and I quickly became friends with one of them.

Our friendship blossomed as he showed me aspects of the monastery that I had overlooked. Learning about life in the monastery was truly an amazing and intriguing experience. The place was self-sufficient with a blooming garden and livestock (chickens and pigs). The monks would rely on the charity of the people around town. In return, the monks would pray and work with the people.

It was an awe-inspiring culture. I distinctly remember feeding a five hundred year old fireplace for hours with my monk friend. Our conversations would focus on life, relationships, or anything that we could think to talk about as we tended to the fire.

From these experiences, I feel that I carry within me a conviction of the true meaning of being a human and of being a participant in this global world of ours.

Throughout these encounters, I came to the realization about ultimate beauty.  I believe it is the fruit of applying energy to something and transforming that something into a unique item. There is a binding connection between the amount of attention and energy we apply to an item and the quality of that item. Positive focused energy breeds meaningful beauty.

My goal is that my brand and business reflect these same principles. Whatever we do needs to serve a great purpose. The pieces I offer are handcrafted for both beauty and practicality.

I hope you can see that our focus is to meet your desires.

Have a great day!

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