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Ottavia was recently featured in the "Equestrian Living Magazine"!

The equestrian culture teaches honor and sacrifice. As a people we are doomed if we prioritize our selfish interest at the expense of the collective good. No one epitomizes this spirit better than legendary Austrian rider and instructor Alois Podhajsky. Alois's passion for horses and the horse riding culture saw him excel as a rider and he eventually rose to become the head of the Spanish riding school in 1939.

During the Second World War, the stallions in his riding school would have been killed were it not for his intervention. He used his friendship with General Patten to secure the placement of the stallions under the American protection. He also helped rescue several stallions that had been captured from the Piber Stud and move them to his homeland in Austria where they would be safe.

This act of selflessness shows that the equestrian culture is built on a foundation of love, sacrifice, and commitment.

This intricate piece of art is made in Italy with 100% genuine saddle leather. This handbag is completely handmade in a naturally dyed brown color with a shoulder strap for a unique and stylish look. The leather used is very soft and it has been structured expertly in nice shape. It uses drawstring for closure at the top. This bag is very unique and perfect for everyday use.

The interior is quite spacious and it has a small pocket on the inside. The stitching is perfect for a stunning look. This is a piece that honors the equestrian world and recalls the way of designing bags during the times of the Roman empire. It can be used as a beautiful ornament in the house or worn as you head to the country club.

Custom orders Only. Please allow 4 weeks from the date of the order for creating the bag and delivery. We will update you weekly on the status of the order.

10 inches long | 8.5 inches tall | 3.5 inches wide | 21 inches strap drop.

Please contact us if you have any question (605-212-2655).

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