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Horses have played a significant role in influencing historical events the world over. A case in point is when William the Conqueror used about 3000 horses to fight for his right to the throne from King Harold. William put the horses and his army on several ships and sailed across the English Channel. William's success is attributed to his visionary military tactics and the horses played a big role in that. This queen (Regina in Italian) of saddle handbags is a statement piece that honors the equestrian world, its horses and its people. It is an incredible piece of art meant to be used every day or as a decoration in your home.

Made of 100% real saddle leather and carefully handcrafted by our master artisan Massimo in Rome, Italy. Pictures don't pay enough homage to this stupendous piece.

Custom orders Only. Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date of the order for creating the bag and delivery. We will update you weekly on the status of the order.

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