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Italian Style Consultation

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Luca's Boutique, Boutique, Sioux Falls, SD

Your fashion sense in 2024 is trending now in Milan. However, trends should only influence your style. It adapts to you. Advisor Deya Thorin offers insight into creating your unique style. Your wardrobe components will perform in concert with Allegretto. The Italian Style has enraptured photographers and cinema directors for decades. Its captivating color and flattering accents occasionally throwing out the rule book. It is having fun! It's also a robe coat, strong-statement earrings, flat-top shades, supple leather goods, strikingly embellished heels, animal prints, and everything that gives you a confident stroll!

Meet with Deya for your personal style proposal: A la Carte or professional, $75/hour, (605) 212-2655

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